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Numerical simulition and field test study on bearing behaviour of large diameter steel pipe piles of offshore wind farm
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Đỗ Minh Ngọc
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Geotechnics for Sustainable Infrastructure Development
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Currently, there are few studies on large diameter steel pipe pile foundation field test of offshore wind farm. Combined East China Sea Bridge Wind Farm Phase II project, conducted 4 piles (40#ZZ1, 40#XZ1, 41#ZZ2, 41#XZ2, 40#ZZ1 and 41#ZZ2 are vertical piles, 40#XZ1 and 4IWX7.2 are inclined piles) field tests of lateral and vertical bearing capacity at the 40# and 41# turbines position. Prior to testing, the ABAQUS was used to preliminary analysis about vertical piles and inclined piles; the simulation results and test results are closely. After comparing simulation results and the test results, it got the ultimate bearing capacity and bearing characteristics of vertical pile and inclined pile, and discussed the lateral bearing capacity calculation method of large-diameter steel pipe pile when considering the scale effect.

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Large diameter steel pipe pile FEM field test bearing behavior.
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