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Research on the Correlation Between International Roughness Index (IRI) and Present Serviceability Index (PSI), Recommendations on Evaluation Rates in Vietnam’s Conditions
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Nguyễn Hoàng Long
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International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology
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Từ trang 266 đến trang 271
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Kỹ thuật xây dựng công trình giao thông
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PSI (Present serviceability index) is a general index determined by AASHTO experiment based on roughness, crack proportion, pavement area proportion in need of repair. It is typical for the quality of operating, using the pavement at the time of evaluation. IRI reflects the pavement roughness, commonly collected by using specialized equipment in direct or indirect measurement. The determination of the correlation between IRI and PSI will help to make the quality evaluation of asphalt concrete pavement faster, reduce related costs and efforts in collecting, analyzing and treating, determining the status of pavement damage. The article presents the outcome of the research on the correlation between the international roughness index (IRI) and the present serviceability index (PSI) of the pavement based on the experimental data collected using the ARRB - Australia's specialized and modern equipment (Hawkeye) in a number of asphalt concrete pavement national highway routes in the Northern Vietnam. The research outcomes show the close correlation between IRI and PSI with R2 ranging from 0.8542 to 0.9405 (with significance rate α= 5%) and an adjusted coefficient (k =1) in the correlation equation shall be recommended in accordance with Vietnam’s construction and operation conditions.

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International Roughness Index (IRI) Present Serviceability Index (PSI) Asphalt Concrete Pavement Pavement Quality
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Nguyễn Hoàng Long

Nguyễn Hoàng Long

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