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APTES Functionalized Iron Oxide–Silver Magnetic Hetero-Nanocomposites for Selective Capture and Rapid Removal of Salmonella enteritidis from Aqueous Solution
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Ngô Xuân Đinh
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Journal of Electronic Materials
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Magnetic nanomaterials, as a promising platform for the fast and sensitive detection of bacterial pathogens, have attracted increasing interest from researchers in recent years. In this work, by utilizing a two-step synthetic technique consisting of co-precipitation and subsequent hydrothermal reaction, followed by functionalization steps with (3-aminopropyl)triethoxysilane (APTES) and the antibody against Salmonella enteritidis, antibody-conjugated Fe3O4–Ag@APTES hetero-nanocomposites were successfully prepared. Due to the specific antibody, the developed Fe3O4–Ag@APTES@SE-Ab conjugates are capable of selectively capturing S. enteritidis at a low concentration of about 101 CFU/mL. Moreover, the prepared magnetic conjugates also revealed that the S. enteritidis could be rapidly removed from water solution in 20 min by using an external magnetic field with a removal efficiency obtained of 91.36%. These results indicated that the Fe3O4–Ag@APTES@SEAb conjugates are promising for the rapid selective capture and removal of bacterial pathogens from aqueous environments, and can be used for improving the detection quality of pathogens in water samples using immunosensor-based diagnostic tests.

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Fe3O4–Ag nanocomposites APTES bacteria capture immunomagnetic separation Salmonella enteritidis
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Ngô Xuân Đinh

Ngô Xuân Đinh

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