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The Experiences of some asian countries in enhancing competitive capacity of exporting wood products to the European market and policy implications for Vietnam
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Trần Thế Tuân
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Sustainable Economic Development and Business Management in the context of Globalization, SEBDM 2018
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Wood and wood products are one of the key export items of Vietnam, with export turnover of the industry rising to the top of Southeast Asia, second in Asia and fifth in the world (2017 $ 7.66 billion). Until 2018, Vietnam’s wood and wood products are sold in 120 countries and territories in the world, with five main markets being the United States, China, Japan, the EU and Korea. However, of more than 7 billion USD in exports of wood and wood products of Vietnam, the EU market accounted for more than 700 million USD while the potential of the EU market is quite large. Therefore, the study of the experience of some countries such as China, Malaysia and Indonesia is necessary to help Vietnam boost export turnover of this product to the EU. In addition, these countries have good market policies, product development policies, creating longterm supply assurance. This is a valuable experience for Vietnam to look forward to sustainable development for the export of wood and wood products in Vietnam in the coming time.

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