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Thermomechanical nonlinear analysis of axially compressed carbon nanotube-reinforced composite cylindrical panels resting on elastic foundations with tangentially restrained edges
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Lê Thị Như Trang
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Journal of Thermal Stresses
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Từ trang 418 đến trang 438
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Kỹ thuật xây dựng công trình giao thông
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Buckling, postbuckling, and nonlinear responses of composite cylindrical panels reinforced by single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs), supported by an elastic foundation, exposed to elevated temperature and axially compressed by uniform load are investigated in this article. Distribution of CNTs is uniform or graded in the thickness direction and the eective properties of CNT-reinforced composite are assumed to be temperature dependent, and are estimated by extended rule of mixture through a micromechanical model. Governing equations are established based on thin shell theory taking von Kármán–Donnell nonlinearity, initial geometrical imperfection, Pasternak-type elastic foundation and tangential elastic constraints of boundary edges into consideration. Approximate solutions of deection and stress functions are assumed to satisfy simply supported boundary conditions, and Galerkin method is applied to derive explicit expressions of load–deection relation from which critical buckling loads can be obtained. Unlike works in the literature, the present study accounts for elasticity of tangential restraint of two unloaded straight edges in model of cylindrical panel. The study also gives conditions for which bifurcation type buckling response can occur and novel findings in numerical examples.

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Buckling and postbuckling carbon nanotube-reinforced composite cylindrical panel elastic foundation imperfection tangential edge restraint thermomechanical load
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Lê Thị Như Trang

Lê Thị Như Trang

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