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A study on emission and fuel consumption of motorcycles in idle mode and the impacts on air quality in Hanoi, Vietnam
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International Journal of Urban Sciences
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In this study, the effect of dimethyl ether enriched air (DMEA) on pollutants and performance characteristics a diesel engine was evaluated. The combustion parameters have been evaluated by simulation method. Simulation results show that the in-cylinder pressure increases slightly while the combustion duration is shorter for DMEA-engine compared to the original case. In addition, a comparative test on DMEA-engine was carried out, in which DME was supplied into the intake manifold at a constant concentration to the mass of intake air. The results show that, when operating with DMEA, the brake specific energy consumption (BSEC) reduces slightly at full load condition by 2.20%. While, at a speed of 1600 rpm, the BSEC increases from 2.6% to 7.7% at low load and slides from 3.1% to 5.5% at high load condition. The smoke level reduces moderately when the test engine operating with DMEA by 6.25% on average at full load and 2.0% to 8.2% as load increases at intermediate speed condition. The CO emission reduces 5.28% while NOx and HC emission increase 5.62% and 7.1% on average at full load condition. At the speed of 1600 rpm, CO reduces 5.9% while NOx and HC increase by 7.1% and 27.5% on average.

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A study on emission
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