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Study on rollover of tractor semi-trailer in several situations
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Tạ Tuấn Hưng
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The International Conference on Automotive Technology for Vietnam - ICAT 2015
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The roll-over of heavy vehicles is an important road safety problem world-wide. Heavy trucks often pose serious highway safety risks due to their excessive weights, larger dimensions, and directional and roll stability limits. The roll stability limits occurs when the centrifugal forces imposed on the vehicle during a maneuver exceed the rollover threshold of the vehicle. Rollover is one of the most frequent accidents and causes significant damages to the vehicles and injuries to its driver and passengers. A tractor semi-trailer has a high probability of rollover because it is usually loaded heavily and thus has a high center of gravity. In this paper, a full dynamic model of tractor semi¬trailer is developed base on Multi-body System Method and Newton-Euler equations. This model includes the details of vehicle dynamics as well as suspension model, tire model, etc. Rollover risk of the tractor semi-trailer evaluation is based on the maximum of a rollover risk indicator, namely the Load Transfer Ratio (LTR), which corresponds to the load transfer between the left and the right sides of the vehicle. This model is used to evaluate rollover situation of the tractor semi-trailer by Load Transfer Ratio (LTR) while turning maneuvers. The rollover are occurred in the higher longitudinal velocity and higher adhesion coefficient.

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Multi-body System Rollover of heavy truck roll stability of vehicle Load Transfer Ratio
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Tạ Tuấn Hưng

Tạ Tuấn Hưng

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