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Identifying factors influencing on financial risk of construction firms: Evidence from Vietnam stock market
Tác giả:
Phan Thùy Dương
Tham gia cùng:
Đặng Thu Hằng
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Management Science Letters
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Từ trang 2411 đến trang 2418
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Kinh tế - vận tải
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Quốc tế

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This article is carried out to identify factors influencing on financial risk of construction firms listed on Vietnam's stock market. The panel data is extracted from financial statements of 142 listed construction firms between 2012 and 2019. Using regression analysis, financial risk was measured by Alexander Bathory model, it was found: the financial risk was significantly and positively correlated with inventory turnover, negatively correlated with debt structure, return on assets, quick ratio, accounts receivable turnover, fixed assets ratio and weakly correlated with fixed asset turnover, return on sales. These evidences provide useful new insights for business managers and governmental authorities.

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Alexander Bathory model Financial risk Construction firms
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Phan Thùy Dương

Phan Thùy Dương

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