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An Efficient Method for Automated Generating Models of Component-based Software
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Lê Chí Luận
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Knowledge and Systems Engineering _Proceedings of Sixth International Conference KSE 2014
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This paper proposes an efficient method for automated generating models of component-based software. This method accepts regular expressions that describe behaviors of software components. The proposed method uses the CNNFA algorithm to parse the regular expressions in order to generate corresponding models. This method can generate minimal accurate models of the software components. A tool is implemented and applied for some typical systems to show the efficiency of this method. The obtained experimental results show that this method is faster than existing methods. The generated models play an important role in making such model-based approaches as model checking and model-based testing more feasible in practice.

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An Efficient Method Automated Generating Models of Component-based Software
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Lê Chí Luận

Lê Chí Luận

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