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Factors Affecting Firms' Performance: The case of Vietnam construction firm
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Ngô Thị Thanh Nga
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Đặng Thu Hằng
Phan Thùy Dương
Tạp chí:
Research Journal of Finance and Accouting
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Từ trang 149 đến trang 154
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Kinh tế - vận tải
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Quốc tế

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In the context of Vietnam's international economic integration, improving the performance of enterprises is increasingly important because it not only affects businesses but also affects the development prospects of the economy. The purpose of the paper is to consider the impact of factors on the performance of listed construction companies in the period of 2012-2018. By means of an empirical analysis, this study uses Eviews econometric software and table data techniques. This study found the factors that positively impact on performanceare asset structure, capital structure and firm size that negatively impact the performance of Vietnam listed construction firms. These findings support business administrators in selecting appropriate business and productionplans to increase the operating performance of businesses inthe construction industry

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Profitability construction firms
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Ngô Thị Thanh Nga

Ngô Thị Thanh Nga

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