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Modeling of The Heat Exchanger of a Thermoelectric Generator For Use In Ship Power Plants
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Marine Intellectual Technologies
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The pollution of the atmosphere is due to the increasing number of ships. Increase and ejection of heat from exhaust gases into the atmosphere. In a sense, the technology of the thermoelectric generators (TEG) may partially recover exhaust heat and to convert thermal energy into electric energy. The heat exchanger plays an important role in this technology, because the efficiency of the heat exchanger depend on its thermal characteristics. In order to achieve an even temperature distribution and a higher surface temperature, the characteristics of the heat exchanger with improved parameters have been investigated in this paper. The results of modeling a heat exchanger with inclined plates show a uniform temperature distribution over the surface of the heat exchanger. This construction of the heat exchanger creates turbulence in the gas flow, which can improve the overall thermal characteristics of the heat exchanger, which is an integral part of the thermoelectric generator. The research is based on the design of the TEG, developed at Astrakhan State Technical University.

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Heat exchanger inclined plate TЕG modeling
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