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Model And Algorithm For Estimating The Channel Resource For Servicing Data Traffic
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Đỗ Xuân Thu
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2019 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications (ATC)
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Từ trang 358 đến trang 361
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This article describes model and algorithm for estimating the channel resource for servicing data traffic. A model of joint transmission of real-time services and impulse data traffic is developed and investigated. Real-time traffic has an absolute advantage in the occupation and use of the channel access line resource. Algorithms for solving systems of equilibrium equations by an iterative method allow one to accurately calculate the quality indicators of the joint service of the flow of requests arriving at the multiservice traffic concentration line

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Multiservice models Real-time traffic Model Algorithm Concentration line Real-time services
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Đỗ Xuân Thu

Đỗ Xuân Thu

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