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Policy Implications from Traffic Accident Analysis: A Study Case from Vietnam
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Trương Thị Mỹ Thanh
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CIGOS 2019, Innovation for Sustainable Infrastructure
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According to the statistics of Vietnam, the impact of traffic accidents cost accounts for 2.5% of GDP. Thus, evaluating and analyzing the damages caused by traffic accidents has become more significant during the last decades. It is necessary to find out the effective approaches to identify the influencing factors of traffic accidents. Among many regression accident-frequency models, Classification and Regression Tree Analysis (CART), one of the most popular data mining techniques and has been applied in many areas of business administration, medicine, industry, and engineering fields, etc., is invited in analyzing traffic safety problems. The results showed that when there are motorcyclists involved in accident, the probability of fatality increases up to 61%. Therefore, searching the solutions for ensuring motorcycle safety should be placed on the first priority in Vietnam.

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Road traffic accidents fatality injury model
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Trương Thị Mỹ Thanh

Trương Thị Mỹ Thanh

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