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Durability index for quality classification of cover concrete based on water intentional spraying tests
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Nguyễn Hữu May
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Cement and Concrete Composites
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This study proposes a new durability indicator for classifying cover concrete quality through the total amount of sprayed water index (rW) using the water intentional spraying test (WIST). The usability of four WIST apparatuses was first verified through strong positive correlations between the previously proposed “repetition number of water spraying” index (rN) and the coefficient of air permeability, kT, (using a Torrent tester) that were individually measured on specimens produced with different cement types, water-to-binder ratios, and curing periods. Subsequently, a new equation was established showing the correlation between WIST apparatuses using rN and the amount of water for each spraying, W, in order to establish a generalized approach. A suggested range of rW indexes for quality classification of cover concrete was thereafter formulated and verified on the basis of good correlation between rW and kT. In addition, an innovative technique for expanding the usability of WIST was presented.

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Cover concrete Nondestructive test Water sorptivity Durability Transport properties
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Nguyễn Hữu May

Nguyễn Hữu May

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