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Design and Calculation of a Thermoelectric Generator For Ship Power Plants
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Marine Engineering And Technologies
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The article presents the design of a thermoelectric generator (TEG) for utilizing heat energy of exhaust gases of ship diesel engines. There have been chosen a TEG basic design and a technique for its efficiency raising. Geometric, heat and electric parameters of TEG have been calculated using RSD 49 ship project. Calculation of heat and electric parameters of TEG with intensive heat exchange on the surface of a hot node was made using sloping plates. The relation between TEG position (before and after exhaust boiler) and a Wartsila 6L20 main engine exhaust system has been determined. According to the analysis result, in case of TEG position after exhaust boiler and 100% load of main engine, estimates increased compared to a basic design: performance – 4%, capacity – 5%; output gas temperature decreased to 1%. At combined operation of TEGs positioned in the exhaust system of one main engine with exhaust boiler shut down and TEG positioned after exhaust boiler, estimates grew: capacity – 35%, performance – 14%; output gas temperature decreased to 19%. Total maximum capacity of TEGs positioned in the main engine exhaust systems makes 42.78 kW which is 1.78% of a ship power plant capacity

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thermoelectric generator RSD 49 project ship Wartsila 6L20 diesel engine heat utilization exhaust gases intensification of heat exchange.
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