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Solution to Strengthen the Industrialization and Modernization in Hanoi, Vietnam
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Phạm Văn Tân
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International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review
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Từ trang 21601 đến trang 21605
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Lý luận chính trị
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Quốc tế

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This industrialization and modernization process of Hanoi – Vietnam capital city, has achieved many significant results, contributed greatly in the industrialization and modernization process of the whole country. However, there remains some accountable difficulties and challenges. This paper would attempt to provide a comprehensive analysis and recommendation accordingly for Hanoi to strengthen the industrialization and modernization process, thus building a more civilized and beautiful Capital city.

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industrialization modernization human resources Hanoi Vietnam.
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Phạm Văn Tân

Phạm Văn Tân

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