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The effect of enterprise risk management on firm value: Evidence fromVietnam industry listed enterprises
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Phan Thùy Dương
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Hoàng Thị Hồng Lê
Đặng Thu Hằng
Nguyễn Thị Diệu Thu
Ngô Thị Thanh Nga
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Từ trang 473 đến trang 480
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Kinh tế - vận tải
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Quốc tế

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This study considers 77 Vietnam industry listed enterprises from 2012 to 2018 as research samples to establish indicators for evaluating the relationship between Enterprise risk management (ERM) and firm value among industry enterprises in Vietnam.International economic integration not only opens up many business opportunities for businesses but also brings many challenges for Vietnamese businesses. One of the challenges is that the financial risks to businesses are increasingly diverse in type and sophistication. Our resultsshow that the implementation ofERM in the previous year has strong positive relationship with firmvalue. These findings support the recent pressure on businesses to adopt more comprehensive risk management systems.

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Enterprise risk management ERM Firm value
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Phan Thùy Dương

Phan Thùy Dương

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