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Research Regression Function Of Vocational Education Training Quality Of Transport Sector In Vietnam
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Trần Hà Thanh
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Nguyễn Thị Thu Ngà
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International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology
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Từ trang 943 đến trang 958
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Công nghệ thông tin
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The demands of the world of employment are a prominent challenge regarding the evolution of the economy and the structure of the labor market. Transportation is one of the key sectors of the government, which is the lifeblood of the whole society. Providing skilled human resources for the sector is essential to meet the real needs today. This not only contributes to creating jobs for the workers but also confirms the skills of workers in Vietnam. Therefore, this paper presents regression function about the quality of vocational education training in Transport Sector. From the results of the research, there are some suitable solutions given. This really makes significant sense in this period.

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Quality Regression.
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Trần Hà Thanh

Trần Hà Thanh

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