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Nonlinear Buckling and Postbuckling of FGM Shear-Deformable Truncated Conical Shells Reinforced by FGM Stiffeners
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Đỗ Quang Chấn
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Mechanics of Composite Materials
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Từ trang 745 đến trang 764
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In this study, the nonlinear buckling of stiffened FGM truncated conical shells resting on an elastic foundation and subjected to a uniform axial compressive load is considered. The shells are reinforced by FGM stringers and rings. Using the analytical approach, FSDT, Galerkin method, geometrical nonlinearity in the von Karman– Donnell sense, and Leknitskii smeared stiffener technique, the governing equations are derived. Closed-form expressions for determining the critical buckling load and for analyzing the postbuckling load–deflection curves are obtained. Finally, the effect of stiffeners, dimensional parameters, semivertex angle, material properties, and foundations on the nonlinear response of FGM truncated conical shells are analyzed and discussed in detail.

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nonlinear buckling and postbuckling FGM stiffened truncated conical shells FGM stiffeners first-order shear deformation theory uniform axial compressive load
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Đỗ Quang Chấn

Đỗ Quang Chấn

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