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Training And Fostering Officer And Employee Staff For Vietnam’s Transport Sector In The Context Of The Fourth Industrial Evolution
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Vũ Thị Kiều Ly
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Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences 2019 (IC-HUSO 2019)
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The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has been affecting the socio-economic development of the global economy including Vietnam. Under the impact of technology connecting the real world and the virtual world, many challenges pose which requires the transition and innovation of all industries and sectors, especially in the mission of training and fostering human resources for the transport sector. The training and retraining of cadres and civil servants of the transport sector has been comprehensively affected by many aspects. This issue brings good opportunities, but at the same time poses many challenges, requiring the training and fostering of transportation staff to carry out many appropriate tasks and solutions simultaneously along with the enhancement demand of the industry and the current scientific and technological context.

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Training officials transportation industrial revolution
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Vũ Thị Kiều Ly

Vũ Thị Kiều Ly

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