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Effects of Level Inundation On Top Of Spur Dike to Project Efficiency of River Trainning Apply For Red River Delta
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Nguyễn Kiên Quyết
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International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering
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The spur dikes project is a type of work that affects the flow, built quite early in Vietnam, especially on the Red River system. Although there are many spur construction projects, it has been effective in preventing river bank erosion and stabilizing the flow of ships to serve water transport. However, there are also clusters that are not effective, one of the reasons is due to the low elevation of the spur dikes. The content of the author's analysis influences the level of flooding on the top of the spur dikes to the effectiveness of the river correction project, thereby proposing a reasonable height of the spur dikes to enhance the capacity of adjusting the river by mine construction works. spur dikes in Vietnam

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Spur dikes construction works submerged spur dikes erosion spur space arrangement
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Nguyễn Kiên Quyết

Nguyễn Kiên Quyết

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