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Laterally loaded test research for pile with upper soil grouted
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Đỗ Minh Ngọc
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Geotechnics for sustainable infrastructure development
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Laterally loaded piles may entail large deformation under some circumstances such as ship impact, earthquake and long-term horizontal thrust of arch bridges, etc. The arch bridges are especially sensitive to horizontal displacement of foundation. Lateral load test was performed on a full scale general pile and pile with post-grouted soil around pile. Further numerical simulation analysis was carried out by PLAXIS3D based on field test result. The analytical and measured results are found to be in fairly satisfactory agreement. According to test results of single pile, lateral response of piles largely depends on profile of limiting force in shallow soil. Horizontal bearing capacity of bored piles is improved via grouting technique. For pile with post-grouted soil around, horizontal displacement of pile top is significantly reduced. The maximum bending moments of pile with grouting decreases dramatically and its position is shallower than general pile’s. The grouted upper soil expands range of effective soil around pile, more horizontal thrust was shared.

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thrustful foundation lateral displacement upper soil grouted load sharing Plaxis 3D
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Đỗ Minh Ngọc

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