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Study on detection of jackknifing problems for tractor semi-trailer in turning maneuvers
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Tạ Tuấn Hưng
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The International Conference on Automotive Technology for Vietnam - ICAT 2015
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The truck transport is one of the most important activity of the country’s economy. The size, weight, and power of truck have increased. Moreover, for a limited capacity of the infrastructure, the number and density of heavy vehicles grow faster than those of cars. The jackknifing is defined by a loss of yaw stability of the tractor semi-trailer. When jackknifing is extended to adjacent lanes, cause many serious accidents. Its most commonly occurs when the semi-trailer is empty. In this paper, a full model of tractor semi-trailer is presented base on multi body system approach and an algorithm which determines jackknifing is described. The type of heavy vehicle is a tractor semi-trailer with 4-axles. For each sprung mass, the mathematics model is formulated six equations of motion corresponding with the six degrees of freedom resulting from unconstrained motion. This model includes the details of vehicle dynamics as well as suspension model, tire model, etc. To be able to determine a jackknifing condition, it is necessary to define zone of stability in lace. The result of the simulation is good for detection of jackknifing problem for the semi-trailer in turning maneuvers. Jackknifing is occurs in the higher longitudinal velocity case when the trailer crossed to the tractor.

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Multi-Body System Semi-Trailer jackknifing angle of articulations lower coefficient of friction
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Tạ Tuấn Hưng

Tạ Tuấn Hưng

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