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Cost management practices and firm’s performance of Technology companies
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Đặng Thu Hằng
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Trần Thị Lan Hương
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International Academic Journal of Business Management
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Từ trang 104 đến trang 109
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Kinh tế - vận tải
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This study investigates the relationship that exists between cost management practices and technology companies’ performance using data from 30 technology companies listed on the Vietnam stock exchange during the period of 2012 to 2016. The study relied on secondary data extracted from the audited financial statement of the selected companies. Independent variables includes material cost, labor cost, general operation cost, selling cost, general admiration cost, other cost and financial cost while profitability (Return on assets) was taken as dependent variable representing the firm’s performance. Correlation and regression analyses were employed to test the hypothesized relationships between the cost management and profitability. The results found a strong support for hypothesized with the direct relationships between cost management and performance measure. The results indicated that cost management practices significantly affect technology companies’ profitability. It is therefore recommended that if the profit maximization and wealth creation objective is to achieve, a cost reduction strategy with emphasis on other cost, financial cost, general operation cost, general and administration cost should be embarked.

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cost management practices profitability material cost labor cost general operation cost selling cost general admiration cost other cost and financial cost.
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Đặng Thu Hằng

Đặng Thu Hằng

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