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Anti-Individualism in Human Development in Vietnam Today
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Vũ Thị Kiều Ly
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Proceedings of 14th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences 2018 (IC-HUSO 2018)
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Human development is one of the most crucial tasks that exert a decisive impact on social development. This task requires each individual in the society to be proactive in combatting demonstration of individualism in addtition to incessantly self striving and self training his good qualities, aimed at building a society that can be humane and cultural in depth. It would be a society in which free development of each person functions as the condition for free development of all people, as a result, each individual would live a life of morality and without any expressions of individualism.

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human development individualism society
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Vũ Thị Kiều Ly

Vũ Thị Kiều Ly

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