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Mix design for low calcium of fly ash base geopolymer concrete

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Geopolymer is a new binder that can completely replace to cement in concrete. Using fly ash based geopolymer concrete (GPC) in construction can minimize environmental threats by utilizing fly ash waste and reducing Portland cement consumption. The previous published researches show that there had no suitably available method of mix design for this new type of concrete. This article presents a new approach to selecting of the mix proportion of GPC based on method of experimental planning. The proposal mix design process for GPC which uses fly ash class F of Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant activated by a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate is performed. The target of the mix design is to create GPC having strength grade 30, 40 & 50 MPa and suitable workability. The research results show the mix proportion of GPC to achieve the results as mentioned target. This is an important result in step-by-step process application of the GPC in Vietnam construction field.

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