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Comparison of Input Shaper Based on Genetic Algorithms with Analytical Approach
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Dương Quang Khánh
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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence
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Từ trang 21 đến trang 32
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High precision mechanical systems require researchers to solve the problem of flexibility. Input shaping is an effective method for vibration reduction of flexible systems. The most published papers attempted to describe the system residual vibration by mathematical expression. By imposing some constraints impulse parameters in the sequence were solved analytically. In addition to analytical method, input shaper can be designed by numerical approach with the use of genetic algorithms. The appropriate input parameters are selected only when the objective functions are optimized. In this paper, the effectiveness of numerical method was investigated and compared with analytical approach by following the presented square.

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input shaping time delay filter genetic algorithm vibration flexible systems
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Dương Quang Khánh

Dương Quang Khánh

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