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A Robust Adaptive Dynamic Controller for an Uncertain Mobile Robot System
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Ngô Thị Thu Tình
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RCMME 2014, HUST, Hanoi, Vietnam
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Từ trang 164 đến trang 170
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This paper proposes a robust adaptive robust PID controller to address a wheeled mobile robot (WMR) during trajectory tracking. The technique of input-output exact linearization is used to achieve asymptotically exact cancellation. Besides, the influence from external disturbances and parametric uncertainties in WMR are compensated by the robust-adaptive nonlinear control law and certainty equivalence adaptive technique. The stability of the whole system is analyzed using Lyapunov theory showing that the control errors are proved to be uniformly ultimately bounded (UUB) and exponentially converge to a small ball containing the origin. The simulation results demonstrate the good performance of the proposed controller for trajectory tracking.

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Regional Conference Motion Control Advanced Control Mechanical Engineering
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Ngô Thị Thu Tình

Ngô Thị Thu Tình

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