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Using The Model On The Analysis Of Dynamic Resource Allocation Information Transfer In Cellular Data Networks
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Đỗ Xuân Thu
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2019 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications (ATC)
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Từ trang 362 đến trang 365
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This article describes a mathematical model of the information transmission resource for a direct channel of a mobile communication network is constructed. This technology allows you to service requests for data transmission that can be delayed with different levels of quality of service. The mathematical description of the model is given. The formal definitions of the main indicators of service quality of applications are given. Among them: the share of lost applications and the average time for their servicing. An algorithm for estimating the introduced indices is constructed and a numerical calculation is performed. Numerical analysis of computational results is performed

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Mathematical model Dynamical allocation Mobile generation technology Markov process Algorithm Round Robin Algorithm Round Robin Applications.
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Đỗ Xuân Thu

Đỗ Xuân Thu

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